Experience Rome's Summer Music Festivals


Enjoy live music performances in the city's picturesque settings

1. Accordion Serenades in Trastevere

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic melodies of the accordion as you wander through the charming streets of Trastevere. Experience the authentic Roman spirit with street musicians serenading you with soulful tunes.


2. Open-Air Opera at the Baths of Caracalla

Watch world-class opera performances under the starry summer sky at the historic Baths of Caracalla. Be mesmerized by the powerful voices and grandiose sets that bring the timeless operatic masterpieces to life.


3. Jazz Night at Villa Celimontana

Indulge in a magical evening of jazz music amidst the enchanting surroundings of Villa Celimontana's lush green gardens. Let the smooth sounds of saxophones and pianos transport you to a bygone era.


4. Reggae Vibes at Villa Ada

Feel the laid-back rhythms and positive energy of reggae music at Villa Ada, Rome's largest public park. Join a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts and embrace the Jamaican spirit in the heart of the Eternal City.


5. Chamber Music at Palazzo Barberini

Step into the opulent halls of Palazzo Barberini and be transported to a world of refined chamber music. Listen to talented musicians playing delicate compositions in an intimate and acoustically exquisite setting.


6. Gospel Choir at Santa Maria in Montesanto

Let the uplifting harmonies of a gospel choir lift your spirits at the picturesque Santa Maria in Montesanto church. Feel the passion and devotion as the voices unite in powerful songs of faith and joy.


7. Flamenco Night at Casa del Jazz

Experience the fiery passion and vibrant energy of flamenco music and dance at Casa del Jazz. Get captivated by the intricate footwork, soulful singing, and evocative guitar melodies of this passionate Spanish art form.


8. World Music Extravaganza at Villa Medici

Embark on a multicultural journey through a diverse range of world music genres at Villa Medici, a magnificent Renaissance villa overlooking the city. Celebrate the beauty of global musical traditions in a majestic setting.


9. Ballet Performance at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Immerse yourself in the grace and elegance of ballet at the prestigious Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. Marvel at the precision and artistry of the dancers as they bring classic and modern ballets to life on stage.


10. Street Music Festival at Piazza Navona

Stroll around the historic Piazza Navona and encounter talented street musicians showcasing a variety of genres. Appreciate the spontaneous performances and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere with your applause.