Experience Rome in Autumn: The Best Activities to Book


Fall foliage and crisp air await in Rome

Rome is a stunning city to visit in autumn, with comfortable temperatures, fewer crowds, and beautiful fall foliage. If you're planning a trip to Rome during this time of year, there are plenty of activities to book that will enhance your experience. From historic tours to culinary experiences, here are the best activities to book in Rome this autumn.

1. Explore the Colosseum at Sunset

Book a guided tour of the iconic Colosseum in Rome during the autumn months to avoid the sweltering summer heat. Experience the ancient amphitheater in the soft glow of the sunset for a truly memorable visit.


2. Visit the Vatican Museums

Beat the crowds and explore the Vatican Museums during the quieter autumn season. Marvel at priceless works of art, including Michelangelo's masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel ceiling.


3. Take a Food and Wine Tour

Indulge in Italy's culinary delights with a food and wine tour in Rome. Sample traditional dishes and wines at local eateries, and learn about the city's gastronomic history.


4. Stroll Through Villa Borghese Gardens

Enjoy a leisurely walk through the serene Villa Borghese Gardens in autumn, when the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold. Don't miss the chance to visit the Borghese Gallery, home to works by Bernini and Caravaggio.


5. Discover Ancient Rome at the Roman Forum

Explore the ruins of the Roman Forum in the crisp autumn air. Wander among ancient temples, basilicas, and arches as you learn about the history of this important archaeological site.


6. Take a Day Trip to Tivoli

Escape the city for a day and visit the stunning town of Tivoli. Explore the beautiful Villa d'Este and its elaborate gardens, as well as the ancient ruins of Hadrian's Villa.


7. Savor Gelato in Trastevere

Treat yourself to delicious gelato in the charming neighborhood of Trastevere. Wander the cobblestone streets and sample gelato flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, and stracciatella.


8. Admire the Pantheon

Marvel at the architectural marvel of the Pantheon in autumn, when the light filters through the oculus in the dome. Learn about the history of this ancient Roman temple.


9. Explore the Catacombs

Descend into the underground catacombs of Rome to learn about the city's early Christian history. Visit burial chambers and tunnels that date back to the Roman Empire.


10. Join a Pizza-Making Class

Learn the art of making authentic Italian pizza during a hands-on cooking class in Rome. Roll out dough, add toppings, and bake your own delicious pizza.